Give to our earthquake response


All through the month of February, multiple earthquakes and aftershocks hit Turkey and Syria, killing, injuring, and displacing tens of thousands of people in the middle of a winter storm. In Syria, the earthquakes came on top of a cholera outbreak and a severe economic and humanitarian crisis caused by nearly 12 years of devastating war.

Our partners in Syria quickly opened the doors of their churches to serve people who sought refuge there.
Through them and because of their unfailing love for their neighbors, we have already provided
thousands of hurting families with blankets, winter clothes, food, and hygiene items.
Because the earthquakes happened in the context of a pre-existing humanitarian crisis, we anticipate it will have long-lasting repercussions on affected families and the entire country. It will likely cause a new wave of displacement, within Syria and possibly to neighboring countries, and exacerbate existing vulnerabilities for months or even years to come.

Help us sustain our response, help the Church in Syria continue to offer a glimmer of hope amid an increasingly desperate situation.
Thank you for your contribution!